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Questions to Hanzo Cheval

10 questions to hanzo

If you already follow our social networks, you must know Hanzo (6 years old, son of Vleut). He is Laetitia's horse. Today, we decided to give him the floor to know a little more about him.

- For the past few months, we've been taking pictures of you from every angle to present Horse Spirit products. Do you like having your picture taken?

How could I not love these moments? First of all, I get groomed, untangled, greased, and shined in all directions to be the most beautiful on the pictures. Then I am taken to graze, I am given carrots, and I am taken to gallop on the beach, so yes, I like these moments!

- What is your favorite part of the day and why?

There is one thing I do consistently, every day: I love to roll around after a work session! Ideally, in the sand of the arena to cool off, two or three times in a row! Afterwards, I get a full grooming, or a fresh shampoo in the summer, happiness!

- What's your favorite thing?

Without a doubt... carrots! I would do anything for a carrot. Laetitia knows it, she always comes with a bag. They are my ultimate happiness, and I could eat them endlessly! And yet, I'm rather picky about sweets (keep it to yourself, but I don't like any industrial candy... and apples, just one once in a while).

- The stuff that scares you? (the ghosts hiding behind the hedge in the corner of the quarry obviously count! )

The quarry hedge is hiding something scary! I've been working there for almost two years now, but I'm still scared (well, I think so, or has it just become a reflex?) I don't really like sprays either, and especially in the mane, the noise bothers me! And I don't like sulkies at the beach - which is not very practical as there are many of them, sometimes even in the sea! Terrifying, isn't it? Overall, anything that looks like an UFO (Unidentified Object) scares me... but once I understand what it is, it gets better! Besides, I'm still young, I guess I'll get over it in time.

- Laetitia regularly takes you to the beach. Do you like it?

Oh yes I love it! I'm rather stressed by nature so I'm always a bit worried at the beginning, but I quickly relax. A trot, then a regular gallop without end on this immense beach, then a return by walking in the sea, it massages my tendons, I love it! Sometimes, we play a little with the waves, I plunge my nose in it, it amuses me and Laetitia finds it cute so I take advantage of it to make the clown!

- At the stables, do you have one or more buddies (dogs? horses?) with whom you get along particularly well?

I couldn't not talk about my great friend Inti: he moved a few months ago in the box next door, and since then, we are inseparable! As soon as I leave, he calls me, and when he leaves, I stay at the door of my box until he returns. We are almost the same age, he is a youngster too! And I also get along with the cat of the stables, who often comes to sleep in my box when I am not there. On the other hand, I don't like the roommate too much, so as soon as I come back, he goes out.

- If you could choose your schedule for next week, what would it be?

Let's just say that I'm not the most motivated of the bunch, I'm rather lazy, so if I can get a week without work, that's fine with me! Paddling, grazing, eating carrots, playing... and if I really had to work, I'd much rather jump than cross my legs on the flat... or gallop on the beach!

- Since you are with Laetitia, what is the biggest mistake you have made?

I make a lot of little mistakes, but never anything serious. Once, Laetitia took me to Deauville and I took advantage of a moment of inattention to run away from the stall and go graze in front of it, but I was stopped before reaching the grassy area... Since then, I know that I'm not allowed to go out of my stall alone, but I admit that it's still tempting ! Sometimes I try, but I get scolded, so I come back right away and act cute so she'll forgive me.

- Finally, what do you want to tell us about Laetitia ? An anecdote ?

I think I've managed to make her crazy about me, through hugs and cute little antics. She could move mountains for me! We both love each other very much, and I feel that our complicity grows every week. Sometimes when I'm taking my nap, she comes and sits next to me and scratches my ears. I really like all these moments she spends with me without necessarily getting on my back. On weekends, she comes with her lover: he never rides me, but he gives me lots of carrots and scratches my ears, I love him! It's always a party when he's here! We are happy all three of us, and Laetitia has always the eyes which shine when she sees me, she says that I am the dream of her life. Not bad, right?

- Anything to add?

Don't you have a carrot?

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