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Maeva Fernandes
1 year ago

The Frontflip trousers are the best I have ever worn! I hesitated for a long time because it's a material that doesn't usually suit me. I'm 5'4" and I took a size 6 just to get an idea. I usually have a lot of trouble finding trousers that fit me in terms of size and freedom of movement. So I was incredibly surprised! They are extremely comfortable! The lycra bottom is incredible, both soft and very flexible! The grip is perfect, light it doesn't stick too much to the saddle but helps to fix the leg! I took it in navy blue with gold details and I find it really elegant! The material is both second skin and does not interfere with movement unlike many other trousers I have tried! It is extremely flexible! In one sentence, I would say that it is incredible, well worth the investment and suits me better than many so-called high-end trousers whose grip and material get damaged in 1 session!

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